Professional Live Streaming Made Easy!

Broadcast high-quality live video streaming of sports, entertainment, and business events using a robust set of cloud-based video tools.

Cloud-Based Live Video Switching

Soliton Cloud Video Switcher is the easy-to-use video streaming and switching platform that makes social media and live video sharing easy for everyone. You’ll find endless opportunities to stream sports, entertainment, business events, and more.

For a world-class live streaming experience, we’ve packaged a set of essential features into a cloud-based switching application that’s accessible on both web and mobile devices. Just bring along your video cameras and a mobile encoder such as the Soliton H.265 Zao, which allows you to uplink multiple video feeds from anywhere and switch/edit in real-time from the cloud. You can also stream your content to multiple platforms including YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Wowza… all from a single source.

Feature Highlights

Multi-Stream Live Video Switching

Live Upload of Photo & Video Files

Live MP3 Upload & Dual Audio Mixing

Custom RTMP Stream Output

YouTube & Facebook Live Output

Real-Time Text & Visual Overlays

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