Multi-Stream Live Video Switching

Soliton Cloud Video Switcher is capable of ingesting up to 6 live video feeds from individual encoders. You can also monitor all of your live feeds before previewing a shot and inserting into your live broadcast using a switch, fade, or curtain effect.  

Live Upload of Photo & Video Files

Want to incorporate still images or MP4 video files into your broadcast?  Simply upload your files to the Cloud Video Switching console and insert your content on-the-fly.  You can even upload files during your broadcast to share live action shots.  

MP3 Upload and Live Audio Mixing

Need to add audio clips to share intro music or voice-overs when your live audio feed is inactive?  Upload MP3 audio files and insert at anytime during your broadcast.  You can also mix MP3 and live audio for just the right balance between feeds. 

RTMP / RTSP Stream Output Settings

Soliton Cloud Video Switcher offers users with flexible stream output settings including the ability to connect both RTMP and RTSP URLs.  Use Soliton stream hosting or broadcast to your own live streaming channels. 

YouTube & Facebook Live Output

With the Soliton Cloud Video Switcher you’re not limited to single channel output via RTMP or RTSP URLs.  You can also connect to Facebook and YouTube Live channels to broadcast content to your social media audiences.

Text Overlays & Graphic Watermarking

Want to add a personal touch to your video player?  Upload an image and position it however you like in the video player.  You can also add text overlays to display broadcast information or special messages to your audience.