Use Soliton Cloud Video Switcher to stream your next business event and share live video with your world-wide customer-base or dispersed workforce. Our platform makes it easy to live stream high-quality productions of business conferences, company meetings, product releases, and more. 


Is your entertainment agency or venue looking for an easy way to share content worldwide?  With Soliton’s Cloud Video Switcher you can produce amazing live streams of concerts and other performances that spread your reach well beyond the local fan base.  Trust Soliton to go global with your next event.

Live Sports

It’s a well-known fact that sporting events make up a large majority of the top television broadcasts around the world.  So it’s not surprising how popular sports have become in live-streaming.  Use Soliton Cloud Video switcher to get in the game and broadcast your local teams to fans who cant make it to the stadium.

Streaming Over Mobile?

Are you struggling to produce high-quality video streams over mobile networks?  We’ve got you covered!  Combine Soliton Cloud Video Switcher with the Smart-Telecaster ZAO or ZAO-S for the most reliable mobile encoding available.